The Training

The DTP has a dedicated Training Manager who facilitates a wide range of courses and events to help you build your research skills as well as skills for life beyond academia.

DTP students follow a tailored pathway drawing on core research methods and subject skills, monitored and developed through regular skills reviews and needs analysis so that individualised additional training can be identified and incorporated into the programme.

Students benefit from the personal and professional development opportunities offered by the DTP, with recent sessions including ‘Grant Writing Workshop,’ ‘Effective Project Management,’ ‘Social Media Training’ and ‘Vicarious Trauma’. In addition, students can access the University’s Researcher Development Programme, lectures, workshops and other activities available across the social sciences.

These days it isn’t enough to be an expert in your specific research area – funders and employers want researchers who can work at an interdisciplinary level, adapt to the ever-changing workplace and be able to communicate at all levels to all types of audiences. Our role in sourcing and delivering doctoral training aims to meet these requirements from the very start of your doctorate.

We support researchers to become strong communicators through the development of combined depth of expertise with the breadth of wide ranging personal and professional skills. There are many different ways for you to learn.

We provide a range of interactive and collaborative projects and activities throughout the academic year.

These are interdisciplinary and enable researchers the opportunity to explore, improve upon and find new skills within a supportive learning environment.

From day one, we are here to help you grow as a researcher and we continue to help you with your development as you go beyond your doctorate.

Alison Harvey, ESRC DTP Training and Inclusive Support Manager