How to Apply

Application Process and Timetable

The ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme application process is in three stages:

Expressions of Interest

CAM-DTP deadline: 21 March 2024

Interested researchers are invited to submit an expression of interest to CAM-DTP via a short online form.

The submission at this stage asks only for

  • Confirmation of eligibility;
  • Rational for undertaking a Fellowship with CAM-DTP;
  • Preferred host department and rationale;
  • Brief summary of objectives, outputs and impact (template provided);
  • Planned mentor support arrangements.

Researchers are also required to complete a Widening Participation Survey as part of the Expression of Interest stage.

Applications will open on 26 February 2024. [NOW CLOSED]


Full Application to CAM-DTP

National ESRC deadline: 16:00 on 16 May 2024

Researchers whose proposals have been long-listed are invited to submit a full application to CAM-DTP via an online form.  More information about the next stage will be available in due course.

Before submitting an application, researchers should ensure they have read the ESRC Call Specification and FAQs thoroughly [see sidebar].

But in summary, candidates are required to submit:

  • ESRC PDF application form outlining objectives, summary, beneficiaries, ethical information and resources required for the project (pro forma provided)
  • Case for support (maximum six sides of A4)
  • Justification of resources (maximum two sides of A4)
  • CV (maximum two sides of A4)
  • Head of Department statement (maximum one side of A4)
  • Mentor statement and summary CV (maximum two sides of A4)
  • Referee statement (maximum two sides of A4)
  • Workplan (maximum two sides of A4)
  • List of publications (where cited in the proposal)
  • Data management plan – mandatory where new datasets will be generated as part of the fellowship (maximum three sides of A4)

A copy of the application form is available to view for information purposes only (and may be subject to change).

The application form will open on 22 April 2024.


Final Application to ESRC

National ESRC deadline: July/August 2024

Researchers who have been awarded an ESRC Fellowship within the CAM-DTP are required to submit their full application directly to ESRC.

ESRC will not reassess the application but will undertake a number of checks, including whether the applicant is eligible, whether the proposed programme of work is sufficiently within ESRC’s remit as well as checking that applications abide by the call guidance.