Life as an Intern


What happens during a SHARE internship?

Students will receive an induction at the start of SHARE, which will introduce them to the college, the University, the programme, their student mentor, and the other participants.

A typical week during the programme would look like the following sample weekly timetable:

Day Time Details Organiser
Monday Morning Research Methods Training Social Sciences, Research Methodology, Programme
Monday Afternoon Placement work in deparment Social Sciences, Research Methodology, Programme
Tuesday Placement work in deparment
Wednesday Placement work in deparment
Thursday Placement work in deparment
Friday Morning Placement work in deparment
Friday Afternoon Personal and Professional Development Cambridge DTP Training Manager

At the end of the six-week programme, students will give a short presentation to the other participants and staff involved in the SHARE programme.

Professional and Personal Development for SHARE participants

In a single week during a SHARE project placement, time will be ring-fenced for participants to join the doctoral training manager for a range of workshops, group and individual discussions, as well as a range of resources they can work on offline.

Each week will have a specific half-day allocated to Personal and Professional Development and another half day allocated to Methods Training.

In addition, during the week there will be opportunities to visit departments and meet academics on a one-to-one basis (these are set up by the training manager based on discussions with participants and their particular research interests).

All participants will be offered a half-hour with the training manager to discuss their future and potential prospects as a postgraduate. There will also be opportunities for participants to talk about their wellbeing and support during their time in Cambridge.

You can read about the experiences of our 2022 ESRC REP summer interns here: