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Prospective Partners- Find Out More

Developing collaborations in the worlds of public and social policy, business, finance, and beyond is a Cambridge ESRC DTP priority. We are continually looking forward and trying to develop new collaboration opportunities with non-academic partners in the worlds of public and social policy, business, finance, third sector activity, and beyond.

These activities have mutual benefits for the students, the university and the external organizations involved. Collaborating organizations gain access to top quality, highly talented, skilled and knowledgeable young researchers and design projects of mutual benefit with senior academics. We have the flexibility to design working relationships to suit the needs of collaborative partners.

Our external partners cover a range of sectors, including but not limited to government offices, charities, multinational corporations, tech start-ups and consultancy firms. These cover a range of sizes- from small start-ups to multinationals- and can be located in Cambridge or across the globe. Examples of engagement projects we are currently offering with these external partners can be viewed here. 

Collaborative relationships can be in the forms of joint PhD research projects, ESRC Internships, placement schemes or Networking-Knowledge Exchange activities.

If you are interested to join ‘Our Partners’ group or would like to obtain more information about the Doctoral Training Partnership’s collaborative activities, you can read our current information brochure, or please contactManager of the Cambridge Social Science Partnership and Director of Cambridge Grand Challenges.