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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences


The Cambridge ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership are dedicated to providing opportunites for "real-world engagement" between our students, early career researchers and external organizations. These collaborations can offer huge benefits to our external partners in providing access to talented individuals and a world-class social science knowledge base. 

Examples of our work with non-academic partners range from internships with the UN to research studies with NHS Trusts, as well as local charities and companies of all sizes. We would welcome any prospective partners to contact us to discuss developing new avenues for engagement, which can range from joint research projects to placements and networking activities.

Our approach is flexible, from ongoing projects with PhD students to 6 month placements for postdoctoral researchers. It covers the full range of social science disciplines in addition to a growing focus on interdisciplinary research from outside the ESRC DTP scheme.

External partner organizations gain the benefits of access to world-class researchers and highly motivated graduate students. This can introduce new skills and perspectives to your organization, propelling your activities to new heights. Our partnership activities are flexible, ranging from individual networking sessions to long-term collaborations with established academic groups, and costs can be shared between the university and external partner organizations. Engaging with the Cambridge ESRC DTP will increase and expand your professional networks, generating links to ongoing research and introducing your organization to the next generation of social scientists.

For further information please contact , founder and Director of Cambridge Grand Challenges