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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences


The Cambridge Grand Challenges (CGC) is a framework for collaboration between industry, government, and academia designed to help deliver the Industrial Strategy. CGC brings together industry, PhD students, postdocs and Cambridge academics, and applies relevant social science research and methods to solve pertinent industrial issues.

Reflecting on Industrial Strategy, the Cambridge Grand Challenges (CGC), is running a series of interdisciplinary workshops with strategic partners on AI and Data, Ageing of Society, Mobility and Clean Growth.

The scheme helps identify and establish new strategic projects and partnerships between external research users and Cambridge to deliver the industrial Strategy's four Grand Challenges. Topics for consideration are carefully defined in consultation with the external organisations. An appropriate mix of interdisciplinary research expertise is then identified and the workshop is promoted internally to appropriate research groups/departments. 

A series of workshops on the four grand challenges as follows:

  • Microsoft Research Lab, exploring ‘Sustainable Geo-distributed Conferences’.
  • BP’s Mobility Unit, exploring ‘Quantum Computing for Smart Cities’.
  • Aviva, exploring ‘AI and Ageing of Society’.

In addition, we are recruiting teams of students who will be funded to spend up to 3 months working on these projects. 

These intensive events for researchers and non-academic research users are dual purpose: to enable researchers to develop skills in stakeholder engagement; and to identify opportunities for future collaboration.

For further information please contact , founder and Director of the Cambridge Grand Challenges.