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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences


Some of our students reflect on their internship placements:

"I was working with a team of brilliant minds, which made me feel like being part of something, both challenged and valued at the same time. They truly listened to my suggestions and integrated me in the decision process for the project."

-Isabelle Lorge, PhD student in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, on her internship at Microsoft Research ilorge


"Having done the internship, I feel that I am better equipped to think about how I might communicate my own work outside of academia, and to convince others of the relevance of my research. It is often easy as a PhD student to think that the work one is doing is largely irrelevant to the outside world, so I found this experience encouraging."

-How an internship at Fauna and Flora International helped Sipke Shaughnessy (Geography)

"I have been fully immersed and engaged, as part of the Air Quality and Industrial Emissions team, in the policy development process surrounding the Clean Air Strategy. I have experienced first-hand how the responsible Minister engages with the Department and how it affects its work... Engagement with government organization and policy making bodies in general has always been part of my career objectives and this experience comes as a confirmation of it."

-Geoffroy Dolphin (Judge Business School) after his placement with Defra gdolphin



"The internship made me aware that I am an extremely capable researcher and had acquired transferrable skills during the PhD process. For this reason, I would recommend doing an internship to any PhD student at the final stages of their PhD."

-Lana Whittaker (PhD student in Geography) speaking about her internship at M&C Saatchi World Services


"I am not sure I had anticipated pulling together something quite so high-profile and lively; it was a real privilege to work on such an important project... From juggling the diary schedules of some very busy people, to securing extra conference funding, and organizing an inclusive and relevant agenda, delivering the project to time and specification was an important challenge to meet. One of the biggest things I learnt was how to maintain my focus and drive and continue to aim high."

-Alev Sen (Sociology PhD) reporting on working at Genomics England