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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences


Current Postdoctoral Fellows


First name Surname Department Project Title
Danai Avgeri Geography Governing European borderlands: Austerity, migrant (im)mobility and the politics of aid in crisis-ridden Greece 
Stephanie Brown Criminology Patterns of prosecution: suspects and victims of violent crime in historic and contemporary statistics
Riakj Grover Sociology She Stays and Pays:  Rural Women’s Labour and Empowerment in Atakora, 
Northern Benin, West Africa
Pui Ki Patricia Kwok Education Enabling teachers in systemic reform: the implementation of 'learner-centred' pedagogy in low-income contexts
Nareuporn Piyasinchai Judge Business School Transitioning toward Sustainability: How Corporate Sustainability Strategies Affect Stakeholders’ Actions
Saman Rizvi Computer Science & Technology Inclusiveness in open online computing education: geo-cultural perspectives
Giulia Sciolli Social Anthropology Practices and Ethics of Care in Eating Disorder Treatment in Italy


Previous postdoctoral fellows


First name Surname Department Project Title
Stephen Bayley Education Skills for Adaptability in the Global South: Researching Children's Executive Functions in Low-Income Contexts
George Bodie History Everyday Internationalism: The German Democratic Republic and Postcolonial World
Shreyashi Dasgupta Geography Private Low-Income Housing in Dhaka and Mumbai
Tom Heritage Geography The Geography of Old Age in England and Wales, 1851-1911
Joseph Leigh POLIS Power Politics and International Order in a Global Age
Ori Mautner Social Anthropology Ethical Complexity among Israeli Jews: Self-Fashioning, Religious-Nationalism and Tolerance
Lena Moore Sociology Posthuman War: Race, Gender, Technology, and the Making of U.S. Military Futures
Afrodita Nikolova Education Poetic Justice Values for Collective Becoming - Artographic to Autoethnographic Study of UK's Digital Spoken Word Poetry
Jwalin Patel Education Education for togetherness and harmony- School wide systems for teachers and students