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Yvonne Frankfurth

Yvonne Frankfurth

ESRC Doctoral Researcher at Reproductive Sociology Group, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Key Publications

Frankfurth, Y. (2020). Navigating anonymity and openness: Germans travelling abroad for egg donation. In Beier, K., Brügge, C., Thorn, P., and Wiesemann, C. (eds.), Familienbildung mit Hilfe Dritter [Making Families with Third Party Assisted Reproductive Technologies]. Berlin: Springer-Verlag (Medizin).

Frankfurth, Y. (2017). Mothers, Morality and Abortion: The Politics of Reproduction in the Formation of the German Nation. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 18(3), 51-65.

Under review

'Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help us Become Pregnant? - Selecting embryos with AI software in fertility treatment'. Publication as part of the project 'Automatic the Crowds' by the Cambridge Digital Humanities and the Alan Turing Institute, reviewed on September 1, 2019


Babywunsch, Magazine, 2019 (forthcoming), Interview, 'Leaving the Nation to have a Child - Tracing the journeys of Germans who travel to Austria for egg donation'

ARD Plus-Minus, German Public Broadcasting, Interview, “Research Study on the German Prohibition of Egg Donation” (Eizellenspende, Beweggründe und Erfahrungen“), August 23, 2017.

Radio 1, Interview, German public broadcasting programme on Germany’s first fertility show, February 21, 2017.