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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences

 Isabel  Airas
PhD in Geography in the Department of Geography.
Supervised by: Professor Ash Amin
Isabel's research focuses on the role of affects and emotions in populist politics.
 Esma  Akkilic
PhD Student in Education
 Juliet  Allen
PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies
Supervisor: Dr Jude Browne (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies)
 Charlotte  Allen
PhD student within the Faculty of Education
 Henry  Anderson-Elliott
PhD Student at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) under Dr. Michael Bravo.
 Michael  Ashby
PhD in Economics (Financial Econometrics), Faculty of Economics & Peterhouse
ESRC 1+3 Award Holder
 Stephen  Bayley
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education
 Marta  Beneda
PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology
 Lisa  Bernhardt
PhD Student, Department of Sociology
Researching eating disorders as social justice issues (in particular binge eating disorder) and revision of related health care provision practices
 Glenn  Bezalel
PhD student, Faculty of Education
Researching Conspiracy Theories, Youth Cultures and Education.
 Lander SMM Bosch
PhD Student at the Department of Geography
Supervised by Dr Alice M Reid
 Giulia  Bovolenta
PhD student, Department of Linguistics.
Researching implicit learning and production in second language acquisition.
 Isabel  Bruggemann
PhD Candidate in Management Studies (Cambridge Judge Business School)
 Mikkel Kenni  Bruun
PhD Candidate, Department of Social Anthropology.
My research examines mental health practices in the UK through ethnographic fieldwork. I am particularly interested in the growing provision of 'evidence-based psychological therapies', such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
Research interests include medical anthropology; the history and philosophy of psychiatry and psychology; science and technology studies; public health; psychotherapy and digital therapeutics; anthropological studies of 'the body' and 'the self'.
 Kerri-Ann  Butcher
PhD Candidate, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.
 Sam J.  Cole
PhD Candidate, Institute of Criminology.
Thesis Title: Translating Collective Efficacy Theory for Effective Policy
 Ivan  Collister
Ivan Collister is a PhD student in History, with particular interests in labour history, electoral politics, and the history of social policy in modern Britain. His PhD explores the formation of political preferences and party-political commitments throu
 Vaughan  Connolly
PhD Student, Faculty of Education
My current research investigates the relationship between teacher workload and pupil attainment and asks the question 'Is less sometimes more'? Previously, my MPhil used TALIS data to explore links between school culture, leadership and pupil attainment
 Joanne  Cotton
PhD student in Psychology and Education
 Tobias  Cremer
PhD Student, Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)
 Alexis  De Boeck
PhD candidate in Economics
Research interests: econometric and statistical theory
Supervisor: Professor Oliver B. Linton
PhD Student in Management Studies (Cambridge Judge Business School)
 Hannah  Forde
PhD Candidate, Medical Sciences (Epidemiology)
My research will examine the impact of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy, to be implemented in 2018, on the extent and nature of soft drinks marketing. The studentship is co-funded by Public Health England (PHE) and the ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership a
Supervisors: Dr Jean Adams and Professor Martin White (CEDAR, MRC Epidemiology Unit); Dr Felix Greaves and Professor Louis Levy (PHE).
 Yvonne  Frankfurth
ESRC Doctoral Researcher at Reproductive Sociology Group, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
 Judith  Gardom
PhD Candidate, Institute of Criminology
'The social, institutional and personal roles of reading for pleasure in two Category C men's prisons in the East of England.'
Supervisors: Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Professor Alison Liebling
 Melanie  Greaux
Mélanie Gréaux
PhD student at the Faculty of Education (Supervisors: Dr Jenny Gibson, Dr Napoleon Katsos).
 Morten  Hansen
PhD Student Education. I research global education markets.
 Richard  Hanstock
PhD Candidate (part-time, ESRC 1+5)
'Computer crime and punishment: A critical evaluation of sentencing practice in computer misuse cases'
MPhil Criminological Research, class of 2013
Practising barrister
 Sebastian  Haug
PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
 Thomas  Hawker
Ph.D (1+3) Institute of Criminology
Thesis area: Punishment, sentencing and communication
Supervisors: Mrs. Nicola Padfield and Prof. Loraine Gelsthorpe.
 Julia  Hayes
Julia is an international consultant and Educational Psychologist who has returned to University to research the inclusive education of disabled children in Colombia. With a focus upon 'Escuela Nueva' schools, which use a child-centred approach in rural m
Supervisor: Dr Nidhi Singal
 Kim Caspar Hecker
PhD Student, Department of Politics and International Studies
PhD candidate Department of History
My research investigates how ideas about public attitudes to taxation changed in Britain over the second half of the twentieth century and what drove these changes.
 Michal  Huss
PhD student
Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
Girton College
 Thomas  Jackson
PhD Candidate, Department of Geography
I am a political geographer researching diplomacy in the Russian Federation. My PhD project draws on a 'critical geopolitics' perspective to examine various aspects of regions acting internationally (paradiplomacy). Specifically I am interested in how the
 Marc  Jansen
PhD Candidate in Operations Management
Supply Chain Risk Management
Executive MBA Course Coordinator (Management Science)
MPhil Student at the Centre for Family Research
(+44) 01223 334513
 Amarpreet  Kaur
PhD Student - Department of Sociology
Under the supervision of Professor Sarah Franklin, Amarpreet's PhD research is focused on human germline genome editing in the UK in relation to disease and reproduction. She is currently one of the DTP's two student representatives and is part of the Eme
Twitter: @lioness1992
 Laura  Kennedy
PhD Candidate, Institute of Criminology
Supervisor: Dr. Kyle Treiber
 Andrea  Kocsis
Phd Student in Archaeology (Heritage Studies)
Research Assistant, Centre for Heritage Research, Department of Archaeology
 Niklas  Lindlbauer
PhD Researcher in Strategic Management
Project Title: The Corporate-Level Resource Allocation Process in the Multi-Business Firm
Supervisor: Professor Yasemin Kor
 Peter  Lockwood
Research Title: The Promise of Prosperity: Households, Generations and the Moral Economy of Wealth in Central Kenya
 Jan Stephen Lodge
Jan Lodge is a PhD Candidate in the Organisational Theory & Information Systems group at Cambridge Judge Business School. His research uses qualitative data and analysis to explore how organisations and individuals manage contested social evaluations with
In his free time, Jan is passionate about open-water diving, reading fiction novels, and studying Mandarin. He currently resides at Corpus Christi College.
 Paul  Lohmann
PhD Candidate in Environmental Economics, Department of Land Economy, Cambridge
 Jakob Axel Lundwall
PhD in Politics and International Studies (POLIS)
 Olga  Majewska
PhD Candidate in Computational Linguistics, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
 Zuzanna  Marciniak
PhD in Social Anthropology
Project Title: "Good Migration": Navigating Catholic and State Visions for Migrants in Singapore.
Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
MRes candidate, Department of Social Anthropology
The disability rights movement in Bunyoro, Uganda: human rights, value, and negotiations of belonging
  Robert  Neal
PhD student: Faculty of Education
 Tom  Pape
Tom’s research focuses on the interplay between clinical/operational decisions and patient flows within primary and secondary care. Using techniques from operational research and econometrics, he tries to identify those decisions which are likely to have
 Stavros  Polykarpou
PhD Candidate in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation
Cambridge Judge Business School
Ph.D. Candidate in Political Sociology.
Supervised by Professor Andrew Gamble, POLIS and Dr Jeff Miley, Sociology.
 Kim   Reising
PhD Candidate - Institute of Criminology
Kim investigates the long-term bidirectional and intergenerational effects between health - mental and physical - and criminal behaviour in non-offender based community samples.
Supervised by Maria Ttofi and David Farrington
PhD student, Department of Psychology
Speech and Language Therapist
Researching the processing of Linguistic stress and Rhythm in children with Specific Language Impairment
Interests: language, speech, language impairments, language disorders
Supervisor: Professor Usha Goswami
 Sipke  Shaughnessy
PhD Candidate (1st Year), Department of Geography
PhD Candidate
Lecturer, Social Science Research Methods Course
Policy Intern, Centre for Science and Policy
Research Assistant, Spark Inside Evaluation Team
Case Manager, Innocence Project
 Aocheng  Tang
PhD Candidate, Department of Engineering, Institute for Manufacturing
Aocheng has joined the Centre for Technology Management under the supervision of Dr Frank Tietze. Aocheng has obtained his MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2016, and just graduated with an MPhil degree in Industrial Sy
With focuses on bioeconomies and synthetic biology, his doctoral research aims to transform our understanding of which IP (Intellectual Property) management models exist, mechanisms (how) and conditions under which (when, where) they positively impact sus
 Auriane  Terki-Mignot
PhD candidate, Department of History
Supervisors: Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Dr Alexis Litvine
I completed my BA and MPhil in economic history at Cambridge, and am currently a member of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure.
My research focuses on how including female data in quantitative and comparative analyses of industrialisation can alter our understanding of its chronology and processes.
I am particularly interested in exploring how historical data can be used to question and rework key economic concepts and theories in context - and in the potential policy implications of such an approach.
 Adam  Tyrcha
PhD Candidate, Department of Land Economy.
Start Date: Oct 2016
Looking at the impacts of migration on the housing market.
 Sibylla  Warrington Brown
PhD Candidate in Geography
My research focuses on indigenous women’s work and economic citizenship in post-neoliberal Bolivia. Through a feminist decolonial approach, I am interested in exploring whether post-neoliberal differentiated citizenship regimes can challenge intersectiona
MPhil in Management Science and Operations