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Sera L Baker

Sera L Baker

MPhil, Sociology of Reproduction

1+3 ESRC Funded


Sera completed a BA in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London where she split her time researching and critiquing the concept of the age of consent and the subjectification of the underage female, as well as studying radio production. Upon graduating she spent a short time working with the Radio Academy and BBC in London, producing BBC Radio 1 content and flagship radio industry events.

She is now continuing her academic journey at the University of Cambridge on the MPhil Sociology of Reproduction pathway. Having obtained an ESRC DTP 1+3 scholarship, she is looking forward to continuing to explore how certain concepts we use to measure sexual validity - such as age - affect young people’s sexual relationships, experiences and identities. Under the supervision of Dr Robbie Duschinsky, her MPhil research looks at how underage adolescents who have engaged in consensual, non-coerced sex with adults resist the victimhood that statutory rape laws perhaps imply.

Key Publications