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Lucy Goodman BA MSc

Lucy Goodman, BA MSc

PhD Student

From the 1950s until today, multiple environmental and social disasters have been caused by large-scale water management infrastructures, such as dams and barrages, in Central and South Asia. In my research, I would like to investigate whether flawed or incomplete economic analysis during the planning stages of infrastructure can be linked to the environmental and social outcomes. As part of my research, I plan to unpick how governments take decisions that impact on the environment, and how research can be used to avoid future disasters.

I am supervised by Professor Bhaskar Vira, and co-supervised by Dr Shaun Larcom. I am a member of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.

Key Publications

  • 2015 Bellfield et al. Case study report: Community-based monitoring systems for REDD+ in Guyana. Forests
  • 2012 Contribution to: REDD+: where do we stand? Chapter in State of the Congo Basin Forest 2012
  • 2012 Swan et al. REDD+ Biodiversity Safeguards: Options for Developing National Approaches.
  • 2012 Mitchard et al. A novel application of satellite radar data: monitoring carbon sequestration and degradation in a community forestry project in Mozambique. Plant Ecology and Diversity
  • 2010 Grace et al. A pilot project to store carbon as biomass in African woodlands. Carbon Management