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Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Supervisor: Dr Jude Browne (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies)

My research examines the ways that social and cultural norms influence fathers’ decisions about use of parental leave, using an understanding of parenting as gendered and performative. Despite significant changes made to parental leave allocations in Europe in recent years, fathers’ take-up of leave entitlements remains consistently lower than mothers’, even in countries with the most gender-sensitive frameworks including ‘daddy quotas’ and other paternal incentives. The project uses a mixed methodology and focuses on Sweden, Portugal and the UK.

I hold an MSc in Gender Research with distinction from LSE’s Gender Institute. My research interests include sociology of gender; reproductive labour and care; heteronormativity; feminist economic theory; and social policy. Prior to undertaking my PhD, I specialised in funding, and working in the international development, UK health/social care and higher education sectors.

Key Publications

Allen, J. (2016). Changing Parenting Roles for Transforming Gender. LSE Engenderings.