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Monday 18th November 2019

Slides available here

On 18th November 2019 Dr Pallawi Sinha led our termly DTP training day, which was focused on reflection in research. Pallawi shared her own research experiences working with some of the most vulnerable communities in India, and explained how central reflexivity has been to her own work. One of the most powerful parts of the workshop was Pallawi’s elicitation from us of reflections on our own life stories and what had brought us to Cambridge at this time in our lives to research particular issues. This really brought out the diversity of the DTP community here in Cambridge, how deeply invested we each are in our own research questions and the very individual ‘toolkits’ each of us brings to our research due to our own life histories. The workshop concluded with practice advice on how to reflect in a purposeful way in our own research, and the opportunity to apply our learning to a range of challenging case studies. 

(Written by: Siobhan Dickens, 1st year doctoral student, Education)

Siobhan and some of her cohort are writing a post for our School Blog, The Cambridge Researcher around the mind mapping session - keep a look out for it in the next few months.


In the afternoon, we were delighted to welcome Adam Anthony Ingle, (Assistant Director, Electronic Surveillance Section, National Security Policy Branch, Department of Home Affairs, Australia).

This term’s theme is Communication and Networking and during the session Adam explained the importance of both effective communication and networking on his sector. 

 See Adam's profile here

Our next T&E day will be on Monday 16th March, the theme will be around Leadership and Management.