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ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership for Social Sciences



For First Year PhD Students

ESRC DTP Workshop: 'Awareness to Impact'


This is a workshop designed for first and second year PhD students, however all PhD students are welcome.   

To provide awareness in terms of career preparation, the ESRC DTP is launching the ‘awareness to impact’ workshop. This is an interactive workshop that aims to cover what impact is in the social sciences introducing a range of impacts: economic/business; policy and public services; public engagement and cultural etc.

ESRC DTP students will be introduced to steps that can take to make plans in impact area.  Following with engagement with non-academic partners and examples from students and academics that created impact through internships and funded ESRC research projects will be explored. Concluding with exploring avenues of impact from your own research; map stakeholders that you might be interested; how to approach them; next steps that you would take, and finally include steps to take to become more knowledge to work in policy or impact or industry.

For Second and Third Year PhD Students

Pathways to Impact workshop

We are very excited to offer cross discipline training on ‘Pathways to Impact’. This interactive workshop will be delivered by the ESRC, EPSRC and BBSRC University Impact Facilitators and will focus on practicing writing Pathways to Impact and reviewing good examples.

  • You will be given an introduction to Pathways to Impact (P2Is) – what they are, what they should include, what they shouldn’t include, etc.
  • You will then be split into groups to look at an actual P2I and the Impact Summary. You will critique and feedback to the group.
  • The workshop will finish with a review of good P2I practice and then a Q&A session.

According to RCUK, “a clearly thought through and acceptable Pathways to Impact is an essential component of a research proposal and a condition of funding.” The ability to write a compelling P2I is an essential skill whether you remain in academic or choose another career path post-PhD.