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Planning Package

Planning Workshop

Friday 16th November, 10am to 12pm
Seminar Room B, 17 Mill Lane

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This two hour workshop will cover two key planning tools that can be of value to anyone planning a project of any size.  Your trainers are  and Melanie Ryan (Senior Programme Manager, Luc Hoffmann Institute) Alison Harvey (Training Manager, ESRC DTP).

The workshop will cover Theory of Change and Stakeholder Analysis. There will be refreshments halfway through the session.

Theory of Change 

Setting up a Theory of Change is like making a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you plan to achieve your goal. It helps you define whether your work is contributing towards achieving the impact you envision, and if there is another way that you need to consider as well. 

The Theory of Change tool not only helps to clearly articulate and connect your work to your bigger goal, it also allows you to spot potential risks in your plan by sharing the underlying assumptions in each step. 

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis in conflict resolution, project management, and business administration, is the process of assessing a decision's impact on relevant parties. This information is used to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action.  As a follow on from the Theory of Change workshop, you will be guided on how to apply this analysis to your project/research. 

These two complementary tools are valuable for the careful design of the process for the early phases of research that should be used at a very early stage of any planning stage.

Target audience
  • Postgraduates (ESRC DTP), particularly those in the first year of their Ph.D
  • Postgraduates in the Social Sciences particularly those in the first year of their Ph.D