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D 'Tea' P Socials

D'Tea'P Socials

These events will be held at the end of each academic Term where the Director of the Cambridge ESRC DTP warmly invites all Cambridge ESRC DTP students - it's a great opportunity to catch-up with fellow DTP students and to receive an update on current opportunities.  A senior academic will also 'get on their soapbox' and speak about a current interdisciplinary social sciences topic.

This year we would like to offer the opportunity for ESRC students to run one of these sessions themselves. They will have the chance to provide their own interactive session and arrange for speakers and any other activities they feel would enhance these events. If you are interested please contact your Training Manager ( 

Please register for these events - next one will be on Wednesday 28th November at 5pm


Target audience
  • All Postgraduates (ESRC DT)
  • All Postgraduates in the Social Sciences

    Dates for all D 'Tea' P Events in 2018 - 2019

    Wednesday 28th November 2018, 5pm

    Friday 22nd March 2019, 5pm

    Easter date TBC - will be in June 2019