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Communication and Networking

These skills are embedded in our programme particularly through the engagement activities.

Essential skills of writing, presentation, dissemination both within academia and non-academic audiences as well as the media, general public and exchange knowledge to wider audiences.

We recommend the following course from ESRC DTP and also those provided by RDP.



Provided by ESRC DTP

Social media 
Writing for a Non-Academic audience
Facilitation Skills
Pathways to Impact and Impact Awareness
Understanding Policy
D 'Tea' P

social event

Provided by Research Development Programme

The Art of Negotiation and Influence
Scientific Writing
Writing Retreat
Presentation Skills
Better Presentations
Scientific Posters

Provided by the University of Cambridge

Communication Essentials: Online Self-taught Bookable

Communicating Assertively: Online Self-taught Bookable

Getting started as a Key Contact Self-taught Bookable

Giving Effective Feedback: Online Self-taught Bookable

Managing Challenging Conversations: Online Self-taught Bookable

Communicating research in the ‘post-truth’ era

Students graduating

Provided by the University of Cambridge

If you have signed up to one of the strategic initiatives or networks, they will most likely provide some one-off workshops that will be very different to those offered elsewhere in the University so keep an eye on your emails.

Please consult the ESRC newsletter and also your department for wider University courses that may be available.


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