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Bridging the gap from research to practice



What will you do when you have finished your PhD?

The best time to think about it is now…….

Whether you’re in your first, second or third year, it’s always a good time to be thinking about your career ahead.

But if you’re struggling with lots of questions about what to do here is a chance for you to spend some time learning about you, your values, your leadership skills and how you can plan a career journey that is achievable, challenging and rewarding!

Develop leadership skills and explore your career options

Our new Bridging the Gap from Research to Practice Programme can offer:

  • An introduction to a range of future career trajectories inside and outside of academia
  • How to develop your leadership skills, strategically build your network and professional identity
  • An opportunity to build personal development skills in terms of body language, voice and presence
  • Skills learning to navigate the workplace and maximise opportunities for influence and negotiation

The workshops will comprise speakers sharing their career journeys with you from both academic and non-academic settings and a chance to have lunch and chat informally with them, followed by stimulating group work with expert facilitators focusing on you, employability and leadership skills

Starting in January 2020  - Bookings will open in November 2019

If you join this programme you learn to be a leader and see there are many more options after your PhD!