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The ABC of DLD

We are delighted that one of our 2nd year DTP students, Melanie Greux in Linguistics, will be participating in the ESRC Social Science Festival:

See Melanie's video

Saturday 9 November, 14:00 to 16:00

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Have you ever heard of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? On average, 2 to 3 children in UK classrooms have DLD which means they experience significant difficulties with understanding and using language. Children with DLD are at a higher risk of developing social anxiety, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and find it particularly challenging to access the curriculum in schools. Fortunately, this trajectory is not set in stone and we can all contribute to the wellbeing and success of these children! 

Come to the Faculty of Education and learn more!

 Register here:

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Funded by the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences #ESRCFestival